Ultimate Elite Allstars

Our All Star Cheer Team works hard and competes even harder! If you’re looking for a half season cheer squad in Central Florida/ Lake Nona that can help you win, you’ve come to the right spot! Our Ultimate Elite All Stars work with our amazing instructors to put together a flawless routine that will impress at competition. UEA is a strong team that works together for ultimate performance, while having fun!


Don’t think “Traditional Tryouts”

All Star Cheerleading is different than school cheerleading in more ways than one, and the tryout process is the first thing that sets the two apart.


In All Stars, there is usually a team for everyone, depending on the skill level. Unlike high school tryouts where there are normally only one or two teams for the highest skilled athletes, All Star gyms have many teams for all levels and age groups. All Star Cheer is equally great for those athletes looking to try cheer for the first time, as well as those with the most elite skills possible.


Rather than a traditional tryout format that a school might use, All Stars uses evaluations to create teams. These evaluations are weighted heavily on tumbling, and coaches will expect you to have all of the required skills for a level in order to be placed on that level-specific team. Prepare to show all of your best skills, so coaches know what your strengths are!


UEA Accomplishments:

2017 S3P One Final Champions- Orlando

2017 S3P & Y2P- CCE Florida Finals Champions

2017 S3P & Y2P- Ultimate National Champions

2017 Y2P- Cheer Power Tournament of Champions National Champion

2016 Prep S3 – Cheer Power, JAMFest, NCA Nationals Daytona Beach Champions

2015 Prep J2 – COA Champions

UEA 2018